What do you need to ask yourself to get your data under control?

I’ve always been into data. Tracking. Counting. Collecting. Organizing.

I came to terms with my data collection tendencies (hoarding, really!) this past year when I was closing down my professional pursuits with Mighty Wild, a food company specialized in making acorn flour. I wanted to share my experiences and information, and I realized I had data everywhere — excel spreadsheets, online databases, and hard copies. I thought for all of my love of organizing data; I was actually very disorganized. Everything was in different places, and the information was siloed into responsibility areas. Sales data was not shared with accounting…

Create a free satellite map with soil data, elevation contours (hypsography), and parcels. Farm planning, keyline design, and agroforestry plotting begin with a good site assessment.

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This summer, my family is undertaking the project of designing and planting a small orchard in Texas using agroforestry and permaculture principles. It is a dream I have always wanted to pursue, given my love of oak trees and edible plants. It is a yearning gleaned from my entrepreneurial attempt at creating food from acorns.

Our family is following the planning principles outlined by The Savanna Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to multifunctional agriculture to foster “ecological resilience, climate stability, economic prosperity, and vibrant communities.” …

Kevin Scott, CTO of Microsoft, in his new book, Reprogramming the American Dream, believes AI can bring change to all, using agriculture as a case study.

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Optimism is contagious, and America has no short supply. However, when it comes to discussions about artificial intelligence, we tend to think of the ways technology will divide us: urban vs. rural development, education disparities, and income gaps. Kevin Scott, CTO of Microsoft, spurns these gloomy predictions, professing AI can create “abundance and opportunity for everyone.” …

Today’s farmers are not focusing solely on yield maximization for specific crops; rather, they are concentrating on profitability while minimizing inputs.

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I thought I would post a paper I wrote last year after attending the 2019 World Agritech Conference. Although it is old, many of the takeaways are still relevant today. It was unfortunate to see that COVID-19 canceled the 2020 World Agritech Conference. However, they are hosting several live webinars in the coming weeks if anyone is interested. Also, AgFunder has updated reports for 2020 data here.


The 2019 World Agritech Conference manifests the transformation in both new agricultural…

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

Education is a lifelong journey. The good news is if you have access to the internet, it is infinitely easier to get an education today than it was even a decade ago.

Being intellectually curious is a skill every child (and every worker) needs to succeed in today’s globally competitive work environment. Technical chops set you apart from the crowd.

COVID-19 is accelerating the adoption of massive open online courses (MOOCs) and online tutorials. That trend is evident below, as you can see the bump in search for the popular site Khan Academy.

Dutch Fika Sourdough Bread with Noma Baba Ghanoush

My idea of sourdough bread until a few weeks ago was the San Francisco variety with unbleached white bread flour. I can remember the first time I tried it. It was a white, fluffy slice slathered in local Falfurrias butter. It was tangy. It was different — in a good way.

Led by the expertise of Marguerite of Houston’s Dutch Fika, I crafted my very own loaf of sourdough bread using a typical European recipe. She guided me on the journey by providing strict instructions measured down to the gram using her rye starter. It required a food scale.


Mimi Brown

Food and Ag entrepreneur turned aspiring data scientist. Mimis-musings.com

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